Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Who's ready for fall? This girl definitely is! I've been crafting like crazy for the past couple of days. I'll reveal the fruits of my labor in a couple of days...

My favorite "fall-iday" is Thanksgiving, hands down, so as a way to show some love to that forgotten holiday I will be featuring something that I am thankful for each Thursday until Thanksgiving day.

I am thankful for...
My wonderful husband! Nick is a dream man. He is everything I wish I could be and everything I want my children to be. He's a funny, kind, affectionate, respectful, smart, handsome Christian man. We're best friends and I can't imagine a life without him in it. We've been together for 9 years this coming Wednesday. I couldn't ask for more in a partner or a father for our girls. He is so hands-on with them and they absolutely adore him. Heaven help their future boyfriends because Daddy has set the bar sky-high!

My sweet husband is fun and spontaneous and always up for anything. He lets me be me and is happy to be along for the ride. He has suffered through more projects and home improvements than I can count (I do the planning, not the doing) and has accompanied me to countless shopping excursions, flea markets, home shows, etc. I could never deserve the blessing that God has given me in Nick, but I will try! Thanks Nick for all that you do! I love you more everyday.

It's Football Friday tomorrow!