Friday, September 12, 2008

Football Friday

If you are reading this than you probably know that our life in the fall is consumed by football. See this kid...

...He's my baby brother and he played a GREAT game tonight. He's also one of my best friends. I am so proud of the person he is. He has a kind and wonderful heart and I will miss him terribly when he goes to college next year. The mighty Bruins are 4-o. Let's keep this train rolling! "Yay Tata football game!!!"

Hubby's baby brother also played tonight. They won big time. L'burg might be heading for the playoffs this year. Great job, Boom...and Happy 18th!!! We love you!

College football tomorrow...Go Blue Raiders!!!



The Brown Family said...

I am having so much fun reading your blog. It's great. Thanks for sharing with us!

mimimas said...

GO BRUINS!! We are indeed a family of football fanatics. And Tata did play a great game tonight. But, the biggest joy for me is to see the family cheering for him, especially head cheerleader Ansley! Win or lose, he knows where his strength and support come from - God. And his loving family. What more could a mother ask for? Love you bunches, ReRe! Mom