Monday, February 23, 2009

New Old Stuff

Despite my recent acute case of "pro-craft-ination" (procrastination of the craft variety), I got several odds-and-ends projects completed this weekend. More out of the necessity to have all the crafty goodness off my dining room table than anything else. Let me tell ya, I really need a craft room. Can I get an "Amen" ladies?

A few weeks ago I did some project hunting at GW (that's Goodwill for anyone not in the trash-to-treasure loop). I spotted this gem and instantly saw her potential.

Yes, she had seen better days, but I had faith that her best days were yet to come. (I should also mention that there was some odd Little House on the Prarie-esque scene in the frame part when I found her. True to my overzealous personality I had already taken that out before I remembered to take the before picture. I really wish ya'll could have seen it. It was something.)

I had been wanting a chalkboard for the kitchen for quite a while. I knew that the perfect opportunity would present itself eventually, and here it was for just $4.99. With the ledge to hold the chalk and eraser, and the hooks to hold the hubby's keys, I knew I had found my chalkboard destiny.

Here she is after a few coats of spray paint on the frame (I started with Ivory and switched to Heirloom White. I'm now in L.O.V.E. with Heirloom White.) and a couple of coats of chalkboard paint which I sprayed right onto the frame backing since it was a nice smooth surface.

I am spastic about how it turned out. It was hung and ready to announce the menu for our guests Saturday night. Nick thought it was a little overboard to add the welcome message, but they noticed it right away and loved it. Making your guests feel special is always important, no matter how casual the gathering!

During the same trip to GW, I picked up this little bird...which turned out to be a duck. I didn't notice until I sprayed him with a little Heirloom White. Really brought out his bill. Oh well, ducks need love too!

Quack, quack.

The "H" was one of the golden letters from Hobby Lobby. What the powers that be at Hobby Lobby think a person is going to do with a gold letter is beyond me, but no matter...a little spray paint and she's looking good!

I have one more finished project, but I really need to ellipticize tonight so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Good night and God bless!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Look at me go

For those keeping count, I've posted 3 times in the last 2 days.

Oh, make that 4.

I'm on a roll now...

Beautiful Life update

You think I've fallen off the wagon, don't you? You can admit it. I don't really blame you, because I certainly haven't kept you informed about my progress in my quest for a beautiful life.

Let's just say that January got off to a slow start with my healthy living goal. But toward the end of the month, I got it in gear and started making healthier food choices and became reacquainted with my lonely elliptical machine. Yesterday I picked up the Abs Diet book and am excited about working some of those concepts into my regimen.

February has been a good month for my goals. Not only have I continued on with the healthy living changes, but I've been bitten by the organization bug and completed several projects that were crying out for my attention. First order of business was my computer area. This little space gets so junked up! Here's what it looked like before I tackled it -

I blame this mess for my extended blogging absences. Who would want to sit here for any extended period of time?

Here's the after -

Everything has a place and I'm able to focus on the task at hand since I'm not paranoid about the mountain of junk falling out and burying me. Sweet peace.

The other thing I was able to accomplish (by sacrificing a precious Sunday afternoon nap) was to organize the bookshelf in the office. I don't have a before, but suffice it to say that it was scary. The books were on the shelf willy-nilly and it stressed me out to even look in their direction, much less try to find one to read in that chaos!

Here's the after -

I'm a visual person, so I tend to remember what a book looks like. It's very easy for me to locate a book in my new color coded system, and it gives order to the shelf, which brings me serenity and joy!
I also spruced up the master bedroom with help from my close, personal friend the Nester (whom I have never met and who doesn't know me from the man in the moon). See it here.

I have miles to travel on this organizing journey, but at least I'm on the road. I'm committed to carrying each new goal with me into the following months and making them a new way of life, not just a phase to be abandoned quickly.

Head on over to The Inspired Room for your daily dose of inspiration. Seeing other's successes really motivates me!

Have a beautiful day!

And the Oscar goes to...

Dana for Best Use of 10 minutes! Ya'll, the Nester is having a party and I'm invited.

Ok, so everyone is invited, but I'm choosing to pretend that this is an intimate gathering of the Nester's close, personal friends.

Yes, I am delusional.

So the Nester's party is the finale of the 10 minutes to a room you'll love series she's been doing for the past month. Go back and read the tips if you haven't been following along as she goes. It's all simple stuff that can magically transform a room. Our master bedroom is the room that really needed the magic...

Now, let me say that it doesn't look quite this bad all the time, but on Wednesday night, this was what I was looking at. Nothing about this room said, "Come in, close, personal friend of the Nester and relax awhile," or "This is where the proverbial magic happens," or even "Come in and rest your weary bones". Since your bedroom should be a place of refuge (not refuse), peace, and romance, I set about to make small changes with big impact.

First, I commited to some lamps. I've been trying to find the perfect lamps for our master for quite some time and it took a cyber-kick-in-the-pants from the Nester to finally just buy some stinkin' lamps for crying out loud!

Second, I cleared all the C.R.A.P. off the nightstands. Why was there WD-40 on the nightstand in the first place? Instead, I put books, a decorative box, and a hand-blown glass vase with greenery in it. much better!

Finally, I made the bed. I know, I know. I'm a trailblazer. All kidding aside, this makes the room look 100 million times better. Why don't I do it? Your guess is as good as mine.

I've still got some improvements that need to be made in the master like adding a chair and FINALLY getting some window treatments up. But it was so encouraging to see what just a few changes could do to the feel of the room.

Last night I turned off the overhead light and turned on the lamps. Nick walked in and literally did a double take. He said, it looks like a totally different room.

Thanks, Nester.

Your close, personal friend.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

8th Grade Was Rough

Have I ever told ya'll about my most embarrassing moment? No? Well, it was eighth grade. An entire year can't be considered a moment, you say? I would have to disagree.

It all started in the summer before school started. There was a cute new boy in town named Jeremy. Imagine my delight to find cute, new Jeremy at the YMCA pool when my girlfriends and I arrived one hot day. He was a sight for sore eyes for a gaggle of teen girls who usually shared the pool with housewives striving for a perfect tan. Since I'm such a wallflower and all, I paraded myself and my little bikini straight to the high dive.

Clearly I suffered from a serious lack of self-confidence.

So after executing a perfect dive (at least in my mind), I climbed out of the pool and came face-to-face with my crush, cute, new Jeremy. I flirted with CNJ for a few minutes and turned to return to my friends. As I walked toward them, my friend Kristin got a horrified look on her face and screeched, "Your NIPPLE!" That's right, folks...apparently the force from the Louganis-esque dive had caused my cute little triangle bikini to shift on my nonexistant chest and there for CNJ and all the sun-worshipping housewives to see was my nipple. Let me assure you that the one body part I wasn't trying to flaunt was that one.

Props to CNJ for not letting on that he noticed anything amiss, but there was NO WAY that he didn't!

I'll be back soon to follow up with 8th grade humiliation number two. I know you're on pins and needles...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Fun

Hey. It's me Dana.
Remember me?
The author of this blog.

Well, when my own Dad mentioned that I needed to update the blog, I thought I better get on it. I could go into how we got a new computer and we have spent the last week moving all the digital photos off of the old one. I could explain that I was waiting to post on my new computer because it just took too long on the old one. I could get really detailed and explain that it took approximately 97 minutes to upload one stinkin' photo to the blog on my old computer. But let's face it, they're all just excuses. I'm back now and that's what counts.

So, who loves Valentines Day? I could take it or leave it personally. I mean it's a fine "holiday" and all, but I'm with the contingent that says that everyday should be the day to make your loved one feel special. Nick is really great at this. It kind of makes it hard to top the way he treats me every day. This year he had said he was really excited about the gift he got excited that he couldn't wait until Saturday to give it to me. So when I got home on Friday afternoon, there was a bag from a trendy little boutique on our kitchen table. In it was a dress that I had admired in the shop window a couple of times. I would have never bought the dress for myself, because...well, I just don't spend a lot on clothes. Don't get me wrong, I spend a little on a lot of clothes, but not a lot on one item. This was so unexpected and thoughtful. It was like a scene from one of my favorite movies, Pretty Woman. You remember when Richard Gere gave Julia Roberts the gorgeous gown? It was like know, minus the prostitution and the swanky penthouse suite.

Some good friends and I had planned a fun afternoon for our husbands for V-day. So I sent Nick off at 2:30 dressed for the evening and with a cryptic clue to meet "Chris" at a spa. Nick was sweating all the way there trying to determine if "Chris" was going to be a male or female masseuse. At the spa, he discovered that he was meeting our friend Chris along with Nathan and Brandon. Relieved that he wouldn't be getting a rub down, they got their next clue and heading to a jewelry store to meet up with another friend, Michael, and get a packet of clues for the rest of the afternoon. There were several hysterical activities that they had to complete and each step required a group photo. Suffice it to say, the pictures at the end of the evening were priceless. The boys had so much fun and met up with the girls at the final destination, Cabana. If you haven't been to Cabana, go! The food is wonderful, and the atmosphere is really fun. We all had a blast and indulged in awesome food, great wine and amazing friendship!

(Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the mini's!)

Hope ya'll had a magical Valentines Day with your beloved, too!

XOXO ~ Dana