Saturday, September 20, 2008

Snip, snip

My big girl got her first haircut today! Three years worth of hair growth gone...well, not gone exactly. Actually it was just a trim. Baby steps people!

Nick has always been really resistant to the idea of cutting Missy's hair. I blame it on the fact that it took 2 years before she had any hair to speak of. Really, it's pretty cute that Nick feels so strongly about our daughters locks...and being the phenomenal wife I am, I took that into consideration when making my do decision. So today when Miss Honey (yep, that's really her name), the stylist at Sweet and Sassy Salon asked what I wanted done, I told her to just trim it up about an inch and a half. After Miss Honey finished (5 minutes and $18.95 later), Nick said incredulously, "That's IT? You can't even tell she did anything." Yep, in the face of a possible rip-off situation, my husband's sweet attachment to Missy's hair flew right out the window.

Here are some pics...
My baby and Miss Honey

Missy with her new/same do!
On a side, but somewhat related note, Football Friday did not go well. Baby brother played really well, but the team lost. There was some comic relief though. This past week, the entire defensive line got mohawks...

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!

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Stephanie said...

I would have cute her hair for $10 and painted her nails :)