Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Saturday night we went down to L'burg to celebrate Nick's brother's 18th birthday and our niece's 7th birthday. The in-laws had a shrimp boil and everyone just enjoyed the company and the views.

Our niece brought a friend along for the festivities. Her friend, KB, is 8 and sassy. The girls were inside drawing outfits when I sat down to talk to them. Here's our conversation:

Niece: KB, look at this! Brown shorts and brown boots! Wouldn't that be so pretty!?! (I didn't bother to point out that shorts and boots are not a statement that anyone should be making this fall!)
KB: Oh my gosh! That is, like, so cute!
Niece: Oh my gosh...I know! So pretty!!!
Me: (rolling on floor laughing)
KB: What? Haven't you ever seen kids who want to look good?
Me: (jokingly) Honey, I wrote the book on looking good!
KB: Well, it doesn't look like it right now. (Picture her saying this with the whole "Oh no she didn't - 3 snaps in a Z formation" head weave)
I laughed the whole way home! If only KB and I lived closer and had fewer than two decades between us...I know we would be fast friends!
g'night, ya'll!