Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Nesting

As I've mentioned, I love fall. To get my nest decked out in it's autumn feathers, I've been doing a little crafting. I am so fired up right now to create. I'm working on several projects, but here are two that I completed this week. First up is my door decor. All the components were half off at Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is my mothership...truly a crafter's dream. It's tough to see from this picture, but it has leaves, feathers, berries, sticks, a glittery pumpkin and a gorgeous burnt orange ribbon all tucked into a wrought iron cone lined with burlap. Ya'll need to come do a drive-by because pictures don't do this baby justice. She is magnificent!
Next up is my wheat centerpiece:

I'm feeling pretty sorry for wheat farmers. That stuff is vicious! The little wheat tops are really sharp and I got multiple wheat "splinters." A word of advice if you decide to try this one at home, wear gloves!

Hope ya'll have a wonderful week!



Stephanie said...

marvelous...come check mine out.

Lori said...

Cute stuff. I love "Hobby Lobby is my mothership".
I am really antsy to decorate, but told myself I was going to wait until Oct. 1 this year....
It's really just procrastination.