Monday, February 23, 2009

New Old Stuff

Despite my recent acute case of "pro-craft-ination" (procrastination of the craft variety), I got several odds-and-ends projects completed this weekend. More out of the necessity to have all the crafty goodness off my dining room table than anything else. Let me tell ya, I really need a craft room. Can I get an "Amen" ladies?

A few weeks ago I did some project hunting at GW (that's Goodwill for anyone not in the trash-to-treasure loop). I spotted this gem and instantly saw her potential.

Yes, she had seen better days, but I had faith that her best days were yet to come. (I should also mention that there was some odd Little House on the Prarie-esque scene in the frame part when I found her. True to my overzealous personality I had already taken that out before I remembered to take the before picture. I really wish ya'll could have seen it. It was something.)

I had been wanting a chalkboard for the kitchen for quite a while. I knew that the perfect opportunity would present itself eventually, and here it was for just $4.99. With the ledge to hold the chalk and eraser, and the hooks to hold the hubby's keys, I knew I had found my chalkboard destiny.

Here she is after a few coats of spray paint on the frame (I started with Ivory and switched to Heirloom White. I'm now in L.O.V.E. with Heirloom White.) and a couple of coats of chalkboard paint which I sprayed right onto the frame backing since it was a nice smooth surface.

I am spastic about how it turned out. It was hung and ready to announce the menu for our guests Saturday night. Nick thought it was a little overboard to add the welcome message, but they noticed it right away and loved it. Making your guests feel special is always important, no matter how casual the gathering!

During the same trip to GW, I picked up this little bird...which turned out to be a duck. I didn't notice until I sprayed him with a little Heirloom White. Really brought out his bill. Oh well, ducks need love too!

Quack, quack.

The "H" was one of the golden letters from Hobby Lobby. What the powers that be at Hobby Lobby think a person is going to do with a gold letter is beyond me, but no matter...a little spray paint and she's looking good!

I have one more finished project, but I really need to ellipticize tonight so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Good night and God bless!


Lexie said...

Okay,so I saw the gold letters at hobby lobby and thought the same thing. I like what you did to it, much nicer.

Vanessa said...

I bought one of those gold letters, too, but I bought it at GW. Painted mine brown also! Love what you did with the chalkboard. I love to find "junk" like that and fix it up. I found your blog through Kelly's. My husband and I came to their small group back before Christmas. Anyway, hope you are doing well. I enjoyed seeing what you've done with your house. It looks great!

Lori said...

GIRL! You are crafty-cool! I have got to come take lessons from you!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

I've been wanting to do a chalkboard for so long...just like yours. I love it!

Thanks for stopping by and good luck.