Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Fun

Hey. It's me Dana.
Remember me?
The author of this blog.

Well, when my own Dad mentioned that I needed to update the blog, I thought I better get on it. I could go into how we got a new computer and we have spent the last week moving all the digital photos off of the old one. I could explain that I was waiting to post on my new computer because it just took too long on the old one. I could get really detailed and explain that it took approximately 97 minutes to upload one stinkin' photo to the blog on my old computer. But let's face it, they're all just excuses. I'm back now and that's what counts.

So, who loves Valentines Day? I could take it or leave it personally. I mean it's a fine "holiday" and all, but I'm with the contingent that says that everyday should be the day to make your loved one feel special. Nick is really great at this. It kind of makes it hard to top the way he treats me every day. This year he had said he was really excited about the gift he got excited that he couldn't wait until Saturday to give it to me. So when I got home on Friday afternoon, there was a bag from a trendy little boutique on our kitchen table. In it was a dress that I had admired in the shop window a couple of times. I would have never bought the dress for myself, because...well, I just don't spend a lot on clothes. Don't get me wrong, I spend a little on a lot of clothes, but not a lot on one item. This was so unexpected and thoughtful. It was like a scene from one of my favorite movies, Pretty Woman. You remember when Richard Gere gave Julia Roberts the gorgeous gown? It was like know, minus the prostitution and the swanky penthouse suite.

Some good friends and I had planned a fun afternoon for our husbands for V-day. So I sent Nick off at 2:30 dressed for the evening and with a cryptic clue to meet "Chris" at a spa. Nick was sweating all the way there trying to determine if "Chris" was going to be a male or female masseuse. At the spa, he discovered that he was meeting our friend Chris along with Nathan and Brandon. Relieved that he wouldn't be getting a rub down, they got their next clue and heading to a jewelry store to meet up with another friend, Michael, and get a packet of clues for the rest of the afternoon. There were several hysterical activities that they had to complete and each step required a group photo. Suffice it to say, the pictures at the end of the evening were priceless. The boys had so much fun and met up with the girls at the final destination, Cabana. If you haven't been to Cabana, go! The food is wonderful, and the atmosphere is really fun. We all had a blast and indulged in awesome food, great wine and amazing friendship!

(Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the mini's!)

Hope ya'll had a magical Valentines Day with your beloved, too!

XOXO ~ Dana

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