Monday, October 27, 2008

Walden Farms

There is a great little pumpkin farm nearby that we have been visiting for several years. This year some friends joined us. Here are some pics from this fall and falls past...
Feeding the goats is always a hit!

She looks like she's having fun, but she wanted down pretty quickly.

The corn crib was full of corn for the kids to play in. Ansley was happy to sit and scoop corn into her bucket, but she wasn't about to do any "corn angels" like the other munchkins. No, no...far too dirty!

Farmer Ansley on the move
This picture cracks me up! This is Nick trying to free our friends' son, Noah, from the hole he stuck his head in. Only Noah! But the best part of the picture is our friend, Jen, in the background pointing and laughing!!!
Our beautiful girls
Even Ellie had a good time!

This is little 2 month old Ansley. It seems like yesterday...
Our little family. It's so funny to remember how new everything felt. We had no idea how blessed we were going to be by that sweet baby!
Make some memories this fall!

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Ladysky said...

Great pictures! The Skiera Family has had this tradition for years. Unfortuantely when we moved here 8 years ago the boys lost interest. It warmed my heart a couple of weeks ago when Trevor and Natalie wanted to get pumpkins and carve them. I can assure you I had them both in the car quicker than a blink of an eye. We had a great time and even took pictures. Keep the tradition going girlfriend.
Ann Skiera