Monday, October 6, 2008

Odds and Ends

Since Thankful Thursday some exciting things have happened. Football Friday went exceptionally well for those in blue! It was a nailbiter, but they pulled it out in the end. Just see for yourself. I hope you can appreciate my efforts to bring you photographic evidence of this awesome victory, because I had to brave hoards of angry Rebels to get it...

The visitors...yeah, that's us!

Saturday was the Country Ham Festival. Yes, there really is a festival to honor this sodium rich pig product. It's an annual event here in our little town and you can find some fine swine at this shindig. We met up with some friends from our church small group and had a great time enjoying the beautiful day.

On the opposite end of the classiness spectrum, we spent Saturday evening at a local vineyard celebrating the birthday of a sweet friend (Happy 30th Steph!!). It was such a fun and relaxing evening (the wine probably had something to do with that) that ended much too soon. We will be planning another evening there soon to celebrate that much anticipated, underappreciated special event called Saturday. After church on Sunday, we headed south to celebrate 102 years of Pawpaw. Ansley was pretty unsure about going to "Popeye's" birthday party, so I apologize for her strange expression in the pic. But nonetheless, here is 5 generations of the fam. So rare, so special.

Nick, Ansley, Nana, Pawpaw, Ellie and Pop

After Pawpaw's birthday party, we headed to the inlaw's to have the annual family portrait made. Ansley loves playing with her cousins. We also celebrated my sis-in-law's birthday. Happy Birthday, Katie!

Fun-filled fall weekend. I feel so lucky to have friends and family like ya'll! Hugs, Dana

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Stephanie said...

Fun filled weekend indeed...good for popeye, making it to 102! woo hoo. I thought 30 was an accomplishment.

Looking forward to Saturday.