Friday, October 10, 2008

Belated Thankful Thursday

I apologize to you faithful few who stopped by JPT yesterday expecting to see the latest installment of Thankful Thursday. I had a couple of killer days at work and all I could be thankful for yesterday was my pillow-top! But today I'm back and ready to give thanks.

This week's feature is actually the thing I'm MOST thankful for.

That the LORD, my King, would humble himself enough to take on flesh, withstand scorn and humiliation, and ultimately DIE in order to ransom me from my sin...well, that's more than I can process. I cannot imagine any greater gift. Except for maybe the one God gave. As a parent I can tell you that the sacrifice God made by sending his only son to die for a world of sinners is beyond comparison. Can you imagine the anguish God must have felt when his beloved child called out to him, begging him to find another way? Process that, my friends...God could have swept Jesus back to heaven, immediatly and painlessly, with a blink of an eye.
But He didn't.
I cannot take that lightly and neither should you. The story takes on a fairytale-esque quality after hearing it repeatedly through the years. But it is critical to remember that this is a true story. The most holy really came to die for the least worthy!
Keep that in mind this week. Look at your babies and imagine sending them off to die...for anything, much less a world of sinners! Praise God that we don't have to suffer under the burden of our sins. Thanks to Jesus we are free, our ransom paid. May you take this ultimate gift that we have all been given. While we could never repay Him, we can strive to bring glory to God in all we do.
In Him,