Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ugly Christmas Sweater Fight Night

Here are some pics from our recent Ugly Christmas Sweater themed UFC Fight Night. I think these speak for themselves, but just in case they don't...

Nick picked out my sweater. It was pretty hideous. You can't really see it, but I was wearing a thin headband and blue eyeshadow, too. Nick is always over the top. You give him a theme and he will run with it. He was not satisfied with the tackiness of his original choice, so he tasked our friend Glenn with choosing another UCS from the wide world of Goodwill. This is what he got. It is a woman's shirt and has shoulder pads...enough said.

Here are our friends Adam and Alycia. Alycia was really in the spirit. She actually paid full price for her new UCS. (Note to the sweater industry: Shame on you! There is no excuse for continuing to manufacture such offensive holiday wear.)

This is Glenn. If we were giving awards, Glenn would win in every category. Not able to find the perfect UCS, Glenn (an engineer, I should note) set out to create his own. He actually sewed that Santa onto a Bill Cosby-esqe sweater he found at Goodwill. And please, please note the socks. Everyone that saw Glenn said, "Dude, the socks make it!" (That little guy is Glenn's mini-me, Cole.)

It was an entertaining night to say the least. Thanks to our fun friends that participated - we had some slackers that didn't.

P.S. My hubby wants me to tell ya'll that the only thing better than the sweaters was Rampage Jackson's knockout punch...yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking.


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Lori said...

HILARIOUS! I would have given Nick the award, since he wore shoulder pads. That get's extra points in my book. HA!